According to the EUROPE DIRECT CONTACT CENTRE Consultation Response: ExoGiov Comes from SPF Eggs and Does Not Fall under the Categories Mentioned in ANNEX II/419

All cosmetics related to animal sources and derived ingredients will be labeled ANNEX II/419. However, this is only for reference and not as a basis for restriction/prohibition.

AM Biotech’s Unique Bio-pulsed Exosome, Backed by Patents, Shows Bright Prospects in the Global Market

Chairman of AM Biotech, shared the strategic layout of the “bio-pulse induced exosome Technology Platform.” With the continuous acquisition of international patents, AM Biotech’s Technology is well-positioned for international market

Chairman of AM Biotech Went to The 49th Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA) to Give A Special Lecture

Special Lecture at the 2024 Taiwan Dermatology Annual Conference. Discussing the efficiency and mechanism of bio-pulsed exosomes in beauty and hair growth from the perspective of miRNA and genes.

Bio-Pulsed Exosome with innovative patented technology from AM Biotech to restore health and beauty

Ascension Medical Biotechnology company(AM Biotech) from Taiwan focusing on the research and development of induced and specific functional exosome. At the seminar on innovative technologies and applications of bio-pulsed exosome

The Key to Skin Repair: The Fantastic Bio-Pulsed Exosomes

Ascension Medical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: AM BioTech) is the first in Taiwan and the second in the world to obtain “Non-Human Source Stem Cell Exosomes” certified by the International

The Emergent Role of Exosome Therapy in 2021

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles (EV) derived from endosomes, ranging in size from 30nm to 150nm. Exosomes can be secreted by many cells. In fact, all living cells use exosomes as

The Therapeutic Potential of Exosomes

In recent years, several universities and research hospitals have conducted small-scale phase I clinical trials using exosomes. So far, only a few companies have transitioned to human clinical trials. Testing

Cosmoprof Asia 2022 – Singapore Special Edition

Cosmoprof Asia, the leading B2B event in Asia-Pacific for all sectors of the beauty industry, will be held from 16 to 18 November 2022 at Singapore EXPO. Welcome to come

2022 Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo

We participated in 2022 Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo. Welcome to contact us! Date:2022/7/28-2022/7/31 Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 Booth:Q130

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A Breakthrough in Osteoporosis Treatment! Harnessing Exosomes from Skeletal Muscles for Bone Healing

This groundbreaking study shines a light on the exosomes present in these muscle-secreted humoral factors. This compelling evidence underscores the potential of Myo-EVs in facilitating bone repair and restoring bone health, marking a significant stride in osteoporosis treatment.

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Stem Cell Exosomes with Specific miRNAs: A New Frontier in Treating Male Pattern Baldness

As the exploration of exosomes in clinical settings progresses, there's growing anticipation for their integration with existing treatments like Minoxidil and Finasteride. This innovative approach could herald a more comprehensive and effective solution for tackling male pattern baldness, promising a new era of hair loss therapy.

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Exosomes Aid in Repairing Skin Aging Caused by UV Radiation

Overexposure to UV rays stimulates the production of free radicals, leading to wrinkles, spots, and dullness. Therefore, it is essential to use sunscreen and engage in proper skincare to prevent and repair the signs of skin aging.

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Anti-Aging Study: Exosomes Regulate Aging Skeletal Muscle

Extracellular vesicles, including exosomes and microvesicles, are an important medium for intercellular communication, with nearly all cells secreting these vesicles. The research team compared aging muscle stem cells cultured with young serum to those with young serum depleted of extracellular vesicles, observing the impact of extracellular vesicles on activating internal metabolic mechanisms.

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Can Exosomes Also Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?!

Biologically and medically speaking, immune cells activated after transplantation continuously attack hematopoietic tissues and ocular epithelial tissues, including the cornea, conjunctiva, and lacrimal glands, causing widespread inflammation.

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