AM Biotech’s Unique Bio-pulsed Exosome, Backed by Patents, Shows Bright Prospects in the Global Market


Ascension Medical Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (AM Biotech), a pioneer in the development of induced exosome, showcased its groundbreaking patented technology and introduced the new generation ExoGiov and LAEXO exosome skincare products during a press conference on January 18, 2024.

The event featured Dr. Wu Chung-Hsiun, former Chairman of the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, and renowned dermatologist Dr. Chian-Yaw, Huang , the director of the Yawen Dermatology Clinic, alongside Dr. Hsieh Ju-sheng, Chairman of AM Biotech. Together, they unveiled the differences and advantages of AM Biotech’s bio-pulse induced exosomes compared to ordinary exosomes in both domestic and international markets. The discussion covered industry trends, technological innovations, and the legal and regulatory aspects of product application, redefining the market advantages and core competitiveness of bio-pulse induced exosomes.

Dr. Wu Chung-hsun, in his opening speech, emphasized the significance of exosomes in the future development of the regenerative medicine industry. He acknowledged AM Biotech’s Technology as an industry pioneer in bio-pulse induced exosome and expressed optimism about its development potential. He congratulated the company for securing patents in Taiwan and China. Additional international patents are expected to be acquired successively, paving the way for a promising international market presence.

During the conference, Dr. Hsieh Ju-sheng, Chairman of AM Biotech, shared the strategic layout of the “bio-pulse induced exosome Technology Platform.” The company has developed over a hundred types of Exosomes for regenerative medicine applications, all confirmed for initial efficacy through next-generation gene sequencing (NGS), quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), and cell viability tests. Collaborations with domestic teaching hospitals and institutions, such as the Tri-Service General Hospital/National Defense Medical Center Taiwan, are in progress. These collaborations involve animal testing, gearing up for upcoming clinical trials focused on regenerative materials and new drugs. With the continuous acquisition of international patents, AM Biotech’s Technology is well-positioned for international market expansion and has already engaged in discussions for collaborations in overseas markets.

In addition to the pharmaceutical development plan, Chairman Hsieh also highlighted the skincare product “ExoGiov” set to launch in 2023. Utilizing non-human source interstitial stem cells, it complies with international cosmetic INCI standards, making it a legally compliant cosmetic extracellular vesicle ingredient with the international market. With unique functionality induction and purification technology, ExoGiov has gained recognition from domestic dermatologists. Even major competitors in the international market, notably South Korea, are closely monitoring. The year 2024 is anticipated to be a remarkable year for AM Biotech in the international market.

Dr. Huang Chien-yao, a well-known dermatologist in Taiwan, shared insights on evaluating and selecting exosomes for cosmetic skincare products during the conference. Dr. Huang emphasized the importance of safety and legality in the evaluation process. While Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare is in the process of amending regulations of prohibit the use of human-derived cells, tissues, and their derivatives in cosmetics, international restrictions on human-sourced exosomes remain in place. Until regulatory amendments are enacted, the use of non-human source exosomes and compliance with international cosmetic INCI standards are essential for skincare product applications. Dr. Huang elaborated on the positive effects of exosomes in various skincare applications, including skin repair, scar reduction, and hair loss prevention.

Dr. Huang further explained that AM Biotech’s bio-pulse induced exosomes, developed through exclusive patented technology, demonstrate significantly better effects in promoting collagen, elastin, fibroblast proliferation, and hair follicle growth compared to ordinary exosomes. The efficacy has been published in international journals. Dr. Huang highlighted the unique advantages of ExoGiov, such as the production of exosomes with a particle count 1,900 times higher and purity reaching 99.99%, both achieved through the company’s proprietary process technology, allowing for storage at room temperature. This significantly enhances the application of extracellular vesicles in skincare products.

In conclusion, AM Biotech announced a collaboration with Emosoxe Biotech International L.L.C. from the United States to jointly develop the new generation LAEXO series of bio-pulsed skincare products, including essence, anti-wrinkle cream, mask, and hair care serum. The packaging design primarily incorporates English, reflecting an international brand direction. The exosome concentration and formula design have been upgraded to meet international high standards, aiming to provide consumers with a new and high-quality international skincare brand experience.

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