AM Biotech’s Patented
Bio-Pulsed Exosomes


AM Biotech utilizes patented “Bio-Pulsed” technology to further produce over a hundred types of exosomes with various effects, which including for cosmetic hair growth, treating degenerative arthritis, accelerating fracture healing, treating premature ovarian failure, treating macular degeneration, treating tinnitus and hearing loss, and more.

The efficacy and quality of ExoGiov® Bio-Pulsed Exosomes are supported by solid scientific evidence. The research findings have been published in the prestigious International Journal of Molecular Sciences. This paper presents part of the patented “Bio Pulsed” technology developed by AM Biotech.

Through this technology, the number of exosomes secreted by stem cells can be increased by 93 times. Simultaneously, the content of proteins and miRNA within the exosomes also increased by 1.4 and 1.3 times respectively. Significantly increasing the quality and quantity of the exosomes.

The cellular experiments in the paper further demonstrate the various bioactivities and remarkable effects of the Bio-Pulsed Exosomes. Besides promoting the healing of skin cell wounds, the expression of key skin components related to hydration and elasticity, such as Type I collagen, Type III collagen, and elastin, also significantly increased. It was also verified that genes related to hair follicle cell activity and proliferation, such as RAC1, IGF-1, CCND1, PCNA, were significantly enhanced in experiments using Bio-Pulsed Exosomes on hair follicle cells. Those genes related to hair follicle cell apoptosis, CASP2, and TP53, were also inhibited.

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What advantages or characteristics do “Bio-Pulsed Exosomes” have compared to common exosomes?

  • Specific effects (such as beauty and hair health) are enhanced by tens of times.
  • Both liquid and powder forms can be preserved and transported at room
  • The number of vesicle particles is 1900 times higher.
  • Protein content is increased by 202%.
  • miRNA content is increased by 188%.

ExoGiov® have undergone official/third-party scientific verification

  • Human cell IRB efficacy verification by the Tri-Service General Hospital:
  • Smoothing and repair effects: Can effectively reduce inflammation and promote the growth of skin-related fibroblasts, while also enhancing the secretion of collagen, elastin, and matrix components, with efficacy 10~16 times higher than conventional exosomes.
  • Hair health effects: Can effectively promote hair follicle cell growth and activation, with efficiency 5~6 times higher than conventional exosomes.
  • Whitening effects: Degradation of melanin-producing miRNA expression, hundreds of times that of conventional exosomes.
  • 99.99% purity: High stability, avoiding cytotoxic phenomena that reduce efficacy.
  • Passed room temperature and stress tests: Convenient for use, storage, and transport.
  • The efficacy and verification methods have been published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.