The Key to Skin Repair: The Fantastic Bio-Pulsed Exosomes

News Source: The Eye On Taiwan

Ascension Medical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: AM BioTech) is the first in Taiwan and the second in the world to obtain “Non-Human Source Stem Cell Exosomes” certified by the International Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI), the company’s product name is ExoGivo® Bio-pulsed Exosomes which can be stored at room temperature and added to cosmetics in compliance with laws and regulations. The experimental results showed that the effects on cell activation and proliferation are in evidence. Dr. Ju-Sheng Shieh, chairman of AM BioTech, said that using the exclusive patented extraction and bio-pulsed technology, stem cells are guided to produce exosomes with special functions, which greatly improves exosome efficacy. It has a fantastic effect in smoothening fine lines, firming skin, promoting skin whitening, and activating hair follicle cells.

Until exosome research won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2013, greatly opening up many medical-related applications of exosomes. Many preclinical and clinical studies are currently being initiated to explore the application of exosomes to skin-related diseases. Therefore, exosomes have received increasing attention in dermatology research. As a family member of extracellular vesicles, exosomes are nanoscale structures secreted by cells and play a key role in regulating the physiological and pathological processes of the skin. Exosomes are primarily responsible for coordinating communication between cells and for transporting cellular components, including microRNAs, mRNA, DNA, lipids, metabolites, and proteins.

AM BioTech’s patented technology for purification and extraction of exosomes, no matter lyophilized powder or exosome reconstituted stock solution, can be stored and transported at room temperature. The particle number of exosomes in each gram of lyophilized powder can be reached as high number as 22 trillion. AM BioTech currently has two series of products, including ExoGivo® Bio-pulsed Exosome and LA EXO® Exosome High-Efficiency Revitalization Series, which have recently won the Taiwan Gold Brand and Chinese Excellence Award.

ExoGivo® Bio-pulsed Exosome received the International Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) Name and can be legally added to cosmetics. The product has been verified by Institutional Review Board (IRB) on human cells and has excellent effects on skin repair, collagen expression, elastin expression, and hair cell proliferation. It can be added to hair serum, essence, lotion, facial cream, facial mask, eye cream, and other products. The company will seek domestic and foreign cosmetics companies to cooperate in production.

LA EXO® Exosome High-Efficiency Revitalization Series has added the stem cell exosomes in aesthetic medical grade essence and various skin care products, which were developed by AM BioTech to assist the American exosome company EMOSOXE. The products have been verified by IRB on human cells and have been shown to effectively repair the skin and promote skin brightening. LA EXO® Exosome High-Efficiency Revitalization Series are the main products for end consumers and have the effects of skin whitening, fine lines smoothening, and hair root strengthening. It is expected to be launched for major aesthetic medical clinics and cosmetics distribution channels at the end of July.

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