The Expression of miRNA and Their Role 



Scar Removel / Anti-acne / Wound healing

Smooth winkle

Hair growth

Targeting Specific miRNA for
Skin Beauty & Hair Growth

ExoGiov® Bio-Pulsed Exosome Efficacy Data

Boost the expression of type I collagen by up to 250%, type III collagen by 340%, and elastin by 320% in human skin fibroblasts.

Collagen Type I

Collagen Type III


Enhances human skin fibroblast proliferation by 40% and accelerates wound healing.

Human skin fibroblast proliferation assay

ExoGiov® applied to wound

Inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine expression, such as TNF-α and IL-6, by 69% and 53% respectively, reducing inflammation and preserving skin health.



Enhances hair follicle cell proliferation genes (CCND1 & PCNA) and hair follicle cell development genes (RAC1 and IGF1), promoting hair growth and strengthening hair roots.

Proliferation genes of Human hair follicle cells



Developmental genes of Human hair follicle cells 



Boosts human hair follicle cell proliferation by 113%, thereby stimulating hair regrowth.

Human Hair Follicle Cell Proliferation

ExoGiov, Minoxidil, and Naive ExosomeProliferation genes of Human hair follicle cells

Induces Hair Follicle Cell Differentiation and Proliferation to Enhance Hair Growth