Bio-Pulsed Exosome with innovative patented technology from AM Biotech to restore health and beauty

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Ascension Medical Biotechnology company(AM Biotech) from Taiwan  focusing on the research and development of induced and specific functional exosome. At the seminar on innovative technologies and applications of bio-pulsed exosome on November 19, With “innovative technology”, As the theme, Dr. Shieh, chairman of AM biotech and inventor of bio-pulsed exosome technology, invited exosome research experts, including Professor Shen Tanglong, director of Biotechnology Center of Taiwan University, who just won the “World Medical Award”, and two skin beauty and hair experts, Dr. Zhao Zhao ming, Dr. Liu Chun xi, cosmetics law expert, Ms. Jiang attended the meeting to give a keynote speech, From the aspects of academic research, technological innovation, product application and regulations, Attracting more than 200 many domestic medical and beauty clinics and cosmetics brand related businesses to attend the meeting, Discuss the hottest topic of regenerative medical research, “Exosome” in 2023. This seminar for participants to fully understand the exosome and induced exosome magic efficacy and mechanism of action , and further understand AM biotech’s  exclusive bio-pulsed patent technology and it’s developed bexosome on the  technology uniqueness, and how to legal compliance selection and application of exosome in medical beauty and cosmetics personal care product development,

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Wu Zhong xun, president of Taiwan Biological Industry Association, Dr. Chen Heng de, former CEO of Medical Inspection Center, and Professor Chen Min hui, vice President of Medical College of Taiwan University were also invited to deliver speeches, Chairman Wu said that regenerative medicine is one of the key development points of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry in recent years, has now advanced from the era of cell therapy to the era of the development of exosome technology, In recent years, exosome research has also shone brightly in the field of global medical research, more than 200 international clinical studies, Exosomes, whether used as clinical diagnostic reagents, drug carriers, or regenerative medicine research, are very important areas of biotechnology development. Now, with the promotion of the regenerative medicine regulation in Taiwan and the center of drug evaluation , Taiwan (CDE) also released the draft guiding principles for research and development strategies for the manufacturing control of extracellular vesicle  in September, In order to cooperate with Taiwanese  government to vigorously promote the exosomes from Taiwan in the world wild  toward higher specifications, more international competitive direction.

Dr. Shieh, chairman of AM Biotech, said that in 2023, Exosome is the attention and development prospect in Taiwan and internationally are optimistic.  Before this seminar, they also participated in the annual international cosmetic raw material Asia Pacific event, “In-Cosmetic Asia” held in Bangkok, Thailand. The professional buyers from world wild are concerned about the “exosome”, the shining star of cosmetic  ingredient. Although exosomes from Korea started in the application field of cosmetic  earlier than in Taiwan, However, in recent years, because the exosomes which  they developed mostly use human cell sources, with most countries including  Taiwan, to prohibit the use of human-derived cells and their derivatives as cosmetic ingredient. nBecause it cannot be used legally and compliantly, and it cannot be stored at room temperature, it greatly reduces the wide application of its products.

Therefore, in addition to letting participants know what bio- pulsed exosomes are. As Professor Shen, pointed out that the specific efficacy of induced exosome is far better than the ordinarily exosome without the induction. Different with the general exosome based  products from  worldwide, AM Biotech relies on its own patented bio-Pulsed technology to develop exosome “ExoGiov”, which is a specific induction product focusing on the application of skin beauty and hair growth. Through the cooperation with Tri-Services General Hospital of  national defense medical college, Taiwan on the  IRB human cell efficacy testing research. ExoGiov has outstanding data on several key indicators in skin application and hair growth, and its efficacy can reach dozens of times that of ordinary exosomes. For example, the proliferation ratio of  collage   and elastin can be more than 300%, the proliferation ratio of fibroblasts can be more than 50%, and the proliferation ratio of hair follicle cells can be more than 120%. The results have been published in the international academic journal International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and now we are also conducting human clinical trial for skin and hair growth in  the Tri- Services General Hospital, Taiwan.

Two skin beauty and germinal specialist in the second half, also said many studies in the worldwide are pointed out  that “ExoGiov in skin beauty and germinal application has its unique mechanism and efficacy. Therefore, it is even more important to choose legal and compliant exosomes to develop into products for use. After legal compliance, the next step is to evaluate the safety. After completing the safety evaluation, the next step is to evaluate the relevant efficacy research and actual use effects. ExoGiov is an exosome product that meets such standards. The actual application effect of ExoGiov is as ideal as its published literature data. Therefore, ExoGiov is very suitable for the development of skin beauty and hair health product applications and as a beauty and hair health treatment. Use on Finally, Ms. Jiang, a previous team leader of pharmaceutical & cosmetics advertising reviewer , share how to determine that cosmetics contain legal exosomes: First, confirm that “exosome” are clearly marked on the packaging of cosmetic products, rather than only a vague description in the advertisement. Second, ensure that the INCI (international name of the cosmetic ingredients) is listed in the list of cosmetic ingredients, such as Chicken Embryonic Mesenchymal Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles. Third, according to the regulations of DOH, it is confirmed that the components are cells from “non-human origin” (exosomes) derived from the above components. Finally, it is confirmed that the product has been logged in on the Product Information File (PIF) of Cosmetics.

In addition to providing medical beauty, beauty SPA, skin care and hair strengthening products with the exosome cosmetic raw material “ExoGiov” that complies with Taiwan and most international cosmetics regulations, AM Biotech is also moving towards the fields of medical materials and regenerative treatments. The development of some medical materials and drugs has entered the animal experiment stage. iAM Biotech will be the most anticipated exosome biotechnology company in Taiwan. Dr. Shieh, chairman of AM Biotech,  hope that in the future, through more seminars and product application workshops, more people in the worldwide learn more about the various applications of  bio-pulsed exosome, and their innovative technology will bring a healthy and beautiful future to the world.

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