Together Outstanding Talents And Resources
rom Industry & Academia

AM Biotech has gathered outstanding talents and resources from both the industrial and academic sectors. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Shieh, the technical team founded IRH Technology in 2015, focusing on stem cells and exosome researches. In 2020, Ascension Medical Biotechnology Co. LTD. was established, and we set up R&D and manufacturing laboratories that meet GMP standards and have achieved a leading position in technology within the industry.

AM Biotech specializes in the patented technology of bio-pulse activation of stem cell-derived exosomes. This involves a adjusting the method of cellular induction according to needs, thereby altering the genetic expression of exosomes. The team is dedicated to developing and producing high-purity, high-quality induced bio-pulse exosomes and related products, which are widely used in biopharmaceuticals, cancer diagnosis, scalp care, and medical aesthetics.

Our team has invested significantly in R&D and collaborated with medical institutions and universities for clinical and efficacy trials, with the aim of enhancing human well-being and health confidence. In the future, we will continue to delve into new biotechnologies and exosome-based drug research and development. Creating new values in the biopharmaceutical field and advancing towards the global market.