The growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors, and genetic material carried by exosomes play a role in tissue repair, immune regulation, tumor diagnosis, and immune antigen presentation by carried . Exosomes induce cell differentiation and through paracrine signaling transfer their active ingredients to other cells. Stem cell-derived exosomes can effectively promote the proliferation of human skin fibroblasts, human hair follicle cells, and the production of collagen, which show surprisingly significant effects in skin repair, hair growth, anti-wrinkle, face-lifting, whitening, spot brightening, and anti-inflammatory.

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We currently use the patented bio-pulsed technology to activate stem cells to derive exosomes. Bio-pulsed technology adjusts the activating method to change the gene profile of exosomes according to needs. We also have patented concentrating/extracting technology to manufacture guided bio-pulsed exosomes and related derivatives with high purity and quality. The application of bio-pulsed exosomes is including cosmetics/aesthetics products, health food, medical materials and regenerative medicine drugs.

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Exclusive patented Bio-Pulsed Activation technology and extraction|purification|lyophilization technologies of exosomes.

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Cosmoprof Asia 2022 – Singapore Special Edition

Cosmoprof Asia, the leading B2B event in Asia-Pacific for all sectors of the beauty industry,

2022 Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo

We participated in 2022 Asia Healthcare & Medical Cosmetology Expo. Date:2022/7/28-2022/7/31 Location:台北南港展覽館2館1樓 Booth:Q130 Welcome to