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Bio-Pulsed Exosomes Lyophilized Powder


We have demonstrated the following efficacy in cell experiments

Using the original patented bio-pulsed activation technology, it can effectively activate stem cells to release a large number of exosomes with specific efficacy. By using the latest high-tech exosome extraction/purification technology and freeze-drying technology, we can obtain the lyophilized powder with ultra-pure and ultra-large amounts of exosomes.
We have demonstrated the following efficacy in cell experiments:

  • Type I collagen  389%
  • Collagen Type III 299%
  • Elastin 390%
  • Proliferation of human hair follicle cells 127%
  • Proliferation of human skin fibroblasts 50%
  • Inflammatory factors IL-1β 70%、TNF-α  80% and IL-6  60%

Repairing skin, anti-wrinkle, restoring firmness, whitening and translucent, strengthening hair roots, revitalizing hair, and soothing/calming scalp are all extended applications of ExoGiov® in cosmetic and skin care products.

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