Core Technologies 

The core technologies owned by AM BioTech are not only professional separation/cultivation techniques of various stem cells but also exclusive patented Bio-Pulsed Activation technology and extraction/purification/lyophilization technologies of exosomes.


Original Exosome Bio-Pulsed Activation Technology

  • The number of exosomes is significantly higher than that of un-induced stem cells by 388%.
  • The protein content in exosomes is 43.8% higher than that of un-induced ones.
  • The miRNA content in exosomes is 32.3% higher than that of un-induced ones.


High-Throughput & High-Efficiency Exosome Extraction/Purification Technology

  • The purity of exosomes is as high as 97.6%
  • Completely free of impurities
  • The efficiency of the extraction process is 10.8 times that of the commonly used ultracentrifugation method in the industry


Manufacture process and technology for lyophilized powder of active exosomes

  • The exosome particles observed by Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) are showed consistent and intact in size, and the lyophilized powder perfectly retains the original characteristics after re-dissolving, and the activity and quality remain unchanged.